New LIHF Brief Released on the Cost of Preterm Births for Wisconsin

cost of preterm births

A new LIHF brief on the the cost of preterm births for Wisconsin is now available on our Data Briefs page.

cost of preterm births

Prematurity is a leading cause of infant mortality. Babies born preterm (before 37 weeks gestation) have lower birthweight, greater medical needs, and may experience long-term physical and developmental disabilities. As a result, preterm births also lead to significantly higher medical and societal costs in Wisconsin.

These costs are preventable by reducing the number of premature births in our state. Prematurity prevention strategies are on LIHF’s action agenda, such as:

  • Supporting mental and physical preparedness for pregnancy
  • Ensuring access to quality health care throughout the life course
  • Increasing awareness of the importance of pregnancy intention and birth spacing
  • Improving social and economic conditions for mothers and families


Visit our Data Briefs page to find the prematurity cost brief and more.