Getting Help for Maternal Mental Health on Psychology Today Blog

As an initiative focused on healthy and thriving babies, mothers, families, and communities, LIHF recognizes that maternal mental health and wellness are an essential part of the conversation. There is no clearly health without mental health.

Experience and data tell us that Black women may face higher barriers to screening and mental health treatment. A blog post on Psychology Today, “The Black Woman’s Guide to Getting Help for Postpartum Depression”  written by Gloria Malone outlines eight ways that women and mothers of color can reach out and find help to support their mental health and wellness.

Tip number 8:

Don’t stop until you find help. You may follow my advice and still run into friends who don’t believe you, doctors who tell you that you will feel better soon, or a partner who thinks you just need to be “stronger.” Don’t listen to them. Listen to yourself. You know how you feel. And now you know that how you feel is not uncommon and that, with appropriate treatment, you can feel better. You owe it to yourself and to your child to get there. So don’t let anyone stand in your way. That’s what a strong Black woman would do.”