Keith Parris and Earnest Goggins Talk about Fatherhood and LIHF Barbershop Sessions

Earnest Goggins Keith Parris

I think the guys really left with an understanding of, hopefully, their role and their essential value in healthy birth outcomes, and also the effect on kids going forward. The present and active father can do many things for the family.” -Earnest Goggins

United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County‘s podcast Living Local featured Keith Parris (right), co-chair for Strengthening African American Families/Fatherhood and Male Engagement Committee for Milwaukee LIHF.  Keith is also the Outreach and Education Coordinator for Pathways for Fathers and Families through Milwaukee County Child Support. Earnest Goggins (left), Fatherhood Program Manager at The Parenting Network and a member of the Strengthening African American Families/Fatherhood and Male Engagement Committee, also joined the podcast for this conversation about fatherhood.

Recently, Keith and Earnest hosted LIHF Barbershop sessions during the 12th annual Milwaukee Fatherhood Summit, presented by Mayor Tom Barrett and The Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative. This event brought together men of all ages to talk about the challenges of fatherhood and to support one another. Living Local spoke with Earnest and Keith about the LIHF Barbershop sessions and everything from the role of perceived gender difference as it relates to fatherhood, whether it is important for mom and dad to be together in order to be good parents, and the role of the father in ensuring baby is healthy enough to make it to their first birthday and beyond.

Do we value each other? Do we have empathy? … Have that foundation of what a healthy relationship is, but also understand that we are teaching our kids every day. The only way we can stop the cycle is with ourselves.” -Earnest Goggins

To hear the full podcast, visit United Way’s blog at this link and click “listen now”: