Kenosha LIHF Collaborative
Action Agenda Priority Topics: Maternal Wellness and Housing

The mission of the Kenosha LIHF Collaborative is to eliminate the gap between black and white infants in the occurrence of premature births, low birth weight, maternal complications and other causes of infant mortality, and improve community conditions and social factors that impact health.

To ensure that all community residents have access to good health, Kenosha LIHF takes a broad view of the many social factors that impact health: stress, education, housing, childcare, poverty, transportation, jobs, food and nutrition and quality of healthcare. The Collaborative seeks to establish common goals and create strategies that promote good health, including healthy pregnancies, improved birth outcomes, and father involvement.


Spotlight on Kenosha LIHF Activities


Pamela Smith, Project Coordinator of Kenosha LIHF, prepares for the 2016 Kenosha LIHF Diaper Drive. Read a news article about the event here

Healthy Families Kenosha is a nationally recognized home-visiting model program for new parents that provides child development, nutrition and service coordination to promote healthy babies and strong families. Healthy Families Kenosha was one of 22 projects funded by LIHF.

Kenosha LIHF Leadership

Convening Agency

Kenosha County Division of Health
8600 Sheridan Rd #600
Kenosha, WI 53143

Gwen Perry-Brye, Clinical Services Director
Cynthia Johnson, Health Officer

Collaborative Staff

Pamela Smith, Project Coordinator,
Cheryl Pataska, Project Assistant,

Collaborative Committees

  • Increase Access to Healthcare for African American Women
  • Strengthen African American Families and Communities
  • Address Social and Economic Inequities

For more information about the Kenosha LIHF Collaborative, visit:

Kenosha LIHF Webpage
Kenosha Community Action Plan

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